The Stockholm Survival Guide

Written in collaboration with Downtown Camper by Scandic

Oh, summer in Stockholm. This is when you notice a slow transition of colour creeping back into peoples wardrobes, the spring in everyone’s step, possibly the odd smile from a stranger and the introduction of “AW” (afterwork). Yes, the Swedish dark depression has lifted, welcome to Summer in Stockholm. New to Sweden? Here are some noteworthy tips to get you safely through these glorious sunny months.

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Travel Guide: Noteworthy Waiheke Vineyards

If you’re sitting at your desk planning your next vacation, or checking up your favourite Instagram accounts for inspiration on the commute home from work, chances are you’d rather be in New Zealand sipping wine and soaking up the beautiful island views that Waiheke has to offer. Located just a 35 minute, ferry ride from downtown Auckland, (a few minutes longer on the car ferry), Waiheke Island is a tranquil, beautiful jewel in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. Waiheke Island has an abundance of award-winning restaurants, cafe’s, and vineyards. Need an escape? Keep reading and check out my list of noteworthy vineyards.

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Travel Guide: Bruges, Belgium: Where to stay, what to eat and do on your visit

IMG_2452Bruges is so steeped in history, you’ll be forgiven for believing you’ve gone back in a time capsule to the 15th century. Cobbled streets lined with gilded houses make for a picturesque setting, so beautiful you will be lost in awe, as you walk down the streets, and along the canals. It is no surprise then that this prominent city is listed as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.  

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Where to go and what to eat

Ho Chi Minh >> Cù Chi Tunnels  

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, as some still refer to it as, is a city that never sleeps. One of the most vastly populated in Vietnam with well over 10 million people residing there. As a first taster to Vietnam, I’m overwhelmed by the number of mopeds whizzing about, the heat and humidity, the colours, and the number of skyscrapers that dominate the landscape. It’s a high-octane city, full of energy and life, with something to suit every type of traveller. From the finest of hotels for the sophisticated traveller to the cheapest of guesthouses for the backpackers and adventurers. Classy restaurants, tasty street food stalls, boutiques selling anything and everything and of course the markets. HCMC is modern but steeped in history, a fast-paced vibrant city.

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Sydney, Australia

Our road trip through Australia has taken us right along the east coast of Oz, stopping at some beautiful places along the way. After a long road trip from Forster, we finally arrived in Sydney. Our first taster was driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, within minutes we had seen the two iconic landmarks of Sydney, with Sydney Opera House appearing in the horizon rising out of the sea majestically, as we crossed the bridge. I couldn’t help but squeal with delight at the sight of them, they really are very remarkable.

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Queensland, Australia

Before heading to Australia I wasn’t really sure what to expect I had no real expectations, honestly I was pretty preoccupied with my fear of spiders, and for that reason it wasn’t top of my list of places to go. A wedding invite from a good friend I’ve not seen for 11 years and an opportunity to travel the southern hemisphere and suddenly we were on our way to Oz. What I wasn’t prepared for is to fall in love with this beautiful, richly diverse country, Australia has something for everyone.

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Tokyo, Japan


The city of efficiency, cleanliness and technical advancement. Japan has found a solution for everything; toilets, road crossings, tube stations etc. In Tokyo you will be impressed from the moment you step off the plane.

We wanted the fastest route into Tokyo city centre so opted for the Narita Express, not as fast as the name would suggest, the journey takes just over 1hr to Shinjuku central station. Whats great about the ride is that you will witness changing scenery as you pass the rural, suburban, and urban landscapes. The train also has wifi the whole journey, so you’ll be able to check in on the rest of the world and document your journey.

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One Month In

So I’m one month into my new journey of Defining New Wayz and I’d be lying if I said it was plain sailing. There have definitely been days when I’ve thought, I just want to stay in bed and fast forward to the next day. After arguing with the devil on my shoulder, the good thoughts of getting strong and the memory of how great I feel after training takes over. I get myself up and out of bed and put my gym gear on and cycle like a bat out of hell to the gym, as I’m usually running late 😀

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My First Blog Post

You know that feeling, you leave one-year thinking, ‘next year needs to be a good one,’ you make a new years resolution with all the best intentions, but two weeks down the line you’ve already quit. Know the feeling…me too!

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